About Me!

My name is Suzy Belcher and I was born and brought up in Kenya, East Africa. My childhood was spent “on safari” in the bush, embracing warm cloudless days and star filled skies. I started my career in the Beauty Industry, venturing onto becoming a Feature Film Make up artist and was privileged to have worked on many all time classics. Between film work I built and managed Safari Camps and all the while was honing my skills to observing & read people.

I then ventured out to do something completely different and went to build, and operate my hotel in the World’s newest country, South Sudan. This is still a going concern and have a silent part still today. In parallel to this, I set up a development reconstruction company for post conflict areas in the East African region.

All of this has taught me life skills that ordinarily I would not have gotten. Being able to read, help and be of service is the ultimate way to give back so that others are able to create the life they deserve.

Last year I was introduced to the incredible world of Attraction Marketing and I know that I have found what I want to do for the rest of my life. Within this amazing venture I am still able to travel and journey around the world, do my Charity work and am now able to help many people develop their own skills to better their lives to epic proportions. I am able to help people from across the world learn new talents, tools and strategies to give them a better life.

Join me in this amazing journey of discovery, adventure and change!